How much is your service cost?

On Nov. 10,"Hong Kong is set for the first time to have a legal wage floor of HK$28 an hour," which can buy a latte from the cafe or 2 Taiwanese bubble milk tea. I am surprised by the fact that it is the first time a minimum wage is set, even more so by the worries about possible job loss as a result of the new move.

May it be the reason why food and tourism-related service industry in Hong Kong can be kept relatively affordable to middle class?

*Another news that may be relevant to my research is a piece about Chinese parents (from Mainland) coming to Hong Kong to give birth to their babies. While most of them started from purchasing packages from agencies, there are increasing amount of them turning to serviced apartments and trying to go through on their own. What kind of serviced-apartment will they be staying? I may need to pay attention to how their preference overlap or conflict with other foreign expats'.

BTW, the current MAW for FDHs is $3,580 per month, which has been effective since 10 July 2008. http://www.immd.gov.hk/ehtml/faq_fdh.htm#4

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