Debates on naming : "social housing" or "affordable housing"?

On an island where social housing has not been promoted or even recognized, debates on social housing grew with heating politics caused by impending elections of five major metropolitans in the end of this year. It involves a major question, "what is social housing?" and thereby "who should be considered in the envisioning of social housing?" Many people would suggest the minority. However, this term fails to address the emerging picture of the whole scene either.

There are groups asking housing right for young people, poor students, and the elder. On the other hand, many sub-groups who belong to the minority feel left out such as the disabled community. 

There is also issue of labeling- or to be more strait-forward, stigmatizing. The discourse goes as follows, social housing is desperately in need, yet social housing should not be provided like an enclave locating on the edge of the city. It should not be planned as a concentration camp where all of the powerless live outside of the majority's eye sight. However, people who concern for land rent gap like developers argue that expensive land in the city center should be fully developed to qualify its capacity.
to be continued... 

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